Campbell Harrison



Campbell Harrison Bio

Singer-songwriter Campbell Harrison grew up around one of the best music scenes in
the nation. Raised between Atlanta and Athens, GA in a melting pot of southern rock,
roots and indie music, he's known for powerful lyrics and catchy melodies. Campbell’s
influences include a wide variety of artists, from John Prine to John Mayer and the Black
Crowes, yet he's managed to craft a sound that is immediately recognizable. Although
he mixes several musical genres, he may best be described as Indie-Americana, but his
voice and style are wholly unique. “Don't let the Americana label and Harrison’s mellow
voice fool you,” says Gregory Sweet of KSVR FM. “There’s a hard edge to his music
along with deep lyrics and great guitar work.”
After his critically acclaimed EP "Behind Glass" dropped in 2015, Campbell honed his
craft with the guidance of Folk-rock legend Caroline Aiken, building a stable of
impressive new songs and touring the southeast as both a solo act and with the high
energy, Campbell Harrison Band. With the release of his first full album "Dreamer in a
Bottle" in 2017, he departed from the polished sound of his debut EP with a stripped-
down, airy and often haunting, successor. With songs ranging from Americana and
R&B, to swampy Blues and Rock, the album showcases Harrison’s distinctive voice and
earthy guitar style; reaffirming his reputation as a fresh new sound, unbound by a
conventional genre.

Campbell released "Campbell Harrison Band - Live at Rogers Creek" in 2018 and made the move to Nashville to collaborate with other up-and- coming songwriters and artists. “There comes a time when you have to challenge yourself artistically,” he says. “My music family in Atlanta is phenomenal and their guidance and support helped push me to expand out of my comfort zone.” Expanding into the Nashville scene just seemed a natural fit.