Campbell Harrison



Behind Glass

by Campbell Harrison

Released 2015
Aegis Music/CHM
Released 2015
Aegis Music/CHM
All original debut by a soulful singer-songwriter with powerful lyrics, catchy melodies and unique vocals, mixing pop, rock and Americana into a style all his own .
  • 04:14 Story Lyrics Goner


    © 2015 Campbell Harrison

    Cobbled steps, sunlight kisses her face… and it makes her feel good.
    I wanna catch her but it isn’t the time or the place… but you better know I would.
    Cause she’s one of a kind, oh holy-roller, but I never pin her down, no I only wanna hold her.
    Storybook temptress, with fire in her eyes…. And for her I burn,
    Yeah, for her you know I burn…

    Cause she’s a dancer, she’s a singer and the way she moves her hips she is a keeper
    You can’t block her, you can’t stop her, but if you let her come inside,
    If you let her come inside… you’ll be a goner.

    A bag of diamonds the envy of Bonnie and Clyde won’t turn her head
    The thing she wants is bigger but lighter instead, she’s worlds ahead.
    And she’s one of a kind, oh a rebel stoner, but I never lift her up cause she doesn’t want a donor.
    Angel from a movie with demons all around, trying to steal her crown,
    Yeah, they’ll never get her down.


    A thousand tears, the wake of her track on Earth, won’t change her mind.
    She built a stonewall fortress, the giver of joy and mirth, hers to define
    And she’s a one of a kind, oh the great beholder but she’ll never speak her mind,
    just remember what you told her.
    She’s in high demand, in high demand…


    … you’ll be a goner… you’ll be a goner

  • 03:13 Story Lyrics Behind Glass

    Behind Glass

    © 2015 Campbell Harrison


    Ship in a bottle lost at sea,
    Drifting in waves of memory.
    Little sailor climbs the ropes,
    Searching for somewhere to hang his hopes.
    The curve of the earth is all he sees.

    Tipping turning the space is free,
    In spite of the man that won’t agree.
    Now time is gone, no watches here.
    The fault of the land that won’t appear.
    Or maybe a future he can’t see.


    Just watch the hurried man fly,
    He might not know or he might say why.
    Who cares what he cannot see.
    The thing he’s looking for…
    Somewhere to be.

    After 20 years he’s washed ashore.
    The tipping and turning is no more.
    Steady legs he looks around.
    To see that in glass he has been bound.
    A floating cage that has no door.


    Just watch the hurried man fly.
    He might know no but he might say why.
    Who cares, of what he can’t see.
    The thing he’s looking for….

    Just watch the hurried man cry.
    Might know but he might still try.
    Who cares, of what he can’t see.
    The thing he’s looking for….
    To be free... To be free.

    Just watch the hurried man fly…

  • 03:07 Story Lyrics Words On a Page

    Words On A Page

    © 2015 Campbell Harrison


    Crack of dawn, gotta shake off a yawn, and you’re ready to seize the day.
    Iron’s hot, better strike what ya got, cause it goes to easily.
    They say an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but I don’t like fruit.
    So pay attention now, you got it wrong somehow… what you’re supposed to do.

    Read the words on the page, it’ll be okay, tell you what you should know.
    Matters not where you stand, you’re still in my hand… I got a secret to show.

    Crack the book, come and take a look, I got it all now figured out now.
    This world is ripe for the taking, life is what you make it, it’s the same old stuff you know.
    But I know that the sheriff’s in town with a gold badge on his vest.
    And if you run then he’ll pull out his gun, send you home in a hickory chest.


    Run around to the outskirts of town, there’s a guy there waiting for you.
    The gold watch won’t cost you too much and it’s shiny and it’s brand new.
    You got your paper bag with tales of old Ahab, with all those lessons learned.
    But the man with the watch, who never taught you too much, is gonna make it burn.


    But when that hole that you stepped in goes up to your knee.
    It’s time to feel in the dark, for things you cannot see.
    It’s just a random prescription, a cause without a cure.
    I will just suffer the symptoms… bother me no more…

    Crack of dawn, tried to shake off a yawn, but you couldn’t do what they say.
    Iron’s hot, now we’re serving the rot that will feed on society.
    Throw the apple away, worms will feed someday, upon the freshest fruit.
    Take your medicine now, let it burn your mouth, it’s what you’re taught to do.

  • 02:23 Story Lyrics Long Minute

    Long Minute

    © 2015 Campbell Harrison


    The ghost of Bob Jones is no matter, he’s just a man of 6 foot 4,
    The cool breeze of dear Louise, it grows blacker, you catch her rain all on your floor.
    It’s getting’ hot in Georgia and you have ta’ find some shade or lose your soul.
    For 20 years and cold beers, the hard saddle, seems much softer then you thought.

    But, when you finally ask yourself which road to take, bed to make,
    When you finally ask for help, it’s way too long of a minute, yeah…

    That muscle shirt you wear to work, it grows ragged,
    wipe the dust out of your mouth.
    The 2 cents you paid for rent, it gets back to, what it’s worth to think about.
    The empty cup of rotten luck, it gets back to,
    Lack of time to shut your mouth.


  • 02:23 Story Lyrics What They Say

    What They Say

    © 2015 Campbell Harrison


    Melting in your limelight frozen time.
    Bloated thoughts balloon my soul to find.
    People that you know but still unsure,
    Tattered thoughts will fill the cracks in doors.

    He says – I found you.
    She says – come home.
    I say – I miss you.
    They say – we’re through.

    Watch the bird as he begins to fly.
    Breathless wings he reach and touch the sky.
    He falls, there’s naught below.
    He climbs, his strength to show.


Recorded at Music On Main Street, Lilburn, Ga. Recorded and mixed at Downright Studio, Atlanta, Ga. Produced by Scott Mecredy and Josh Golden.