Campbell Harrison



Dreamer in a Bottle

by Campbell Harrison

Released 2017
CHM/Aegis Music
Released 2017
CHM/Aegis Music
A stripped-down, airy and often haunting, successor to his first studio release, the album showcases Campbell Harrison's distinctive voice and guitar style; reaffirming his reputation as a fresh new artist, unbound by a conventional genre.
  • 05:04 Story Lyrics Alive

    © 2016, Campbell Harrison


    Life ain’t all the things I thought it’d be.

    Flowing backwards from eternity.

    But my heart is bursting with a melody.

    So I sing this song and hope you’ll follow me - you’ll follow me.


    Sweet Evila won’t you sing for me.                                                             

    You’re the chief provider of my energy

    But your eyes are cloudy with the will to see

    Yet your heart provides the light of life I breathe - light of life I breath.



     I said hey now, I’m looking for love but it ain’t yet found

    And I feel you shakin’ the ground, shakin’ the ground

    I said hey now, you’re looking up though your mind is down and

    I hear you, but you’re makin’ no sound - makin’ no sound


     Hey Evila what do you believe?

    You’re the lidless eye of all eternity.

    And your gaze is falling on the mother tree.

    With the branches heavy with humanity…




    Dear Evila what’s your fantasy?                                                    

    You’re the sand of time beguiled by revelry

    And your falling water will abide the tree

    But we’re all just drowning in the canopy, in our canopy



  • 04:51 Story Lyrics So Long

    © 2016, Campbell Harrison


    For so long, I’ve been standin’ in your fire

    Time is gone, Cobwebs buildin’ ever higher

    And you’re tired of playin’, Harvest Moon is waning down, down, down.

    But for once in a while, your charm and your smile will win them over.

    (And I said)



    I’m strung out on a wire,       

    I … I…… Look what you done to me.


    For so long, You’ve been movin’ to the rhythm

    Faith is gone, No one’s watchin’ while you shiver

    But you put on a smile, but you’re still scrubbin’ tiles of your fathers.


    For so long, You’ve been sinkin’ in the pages.

    Mind is gone, Scattered sheets not entertaining.

    And you thought you’d prepare, cause the feelings you share, won’t do us justice.

    (And I said)



  • 04:05 Story Lyrics Old Joey

    © 2016, Campbell Harrison


    Soggy teenage travelin’ band (with their) beat up Chevy at a roadside stand.

    Old man Joey was as nice as can be (he was a) bomber in the army back in ‘43.

    (he said)

    Welcome boys, tell me what can I do, I ain’t got much, but I’ll sell it to you.

    (and I said)


    Thank you mister but I haven’t a dime

    (you know I)

    spent my money on Georgia moonshine.

    It ain’t a problem, let me cut ya a deal. Play me a song and I’ll fix ya a meal.


    Old man Joey was a hell of a guy

    (he lost his)

    only family in the Normandy skies.



    I sang a tune, on old wolf howling in June, little boy blue jumpin’ over the moon.

     (It made him) cry, watch the tears fall from his eyes like the bombs that were fallin’ over Normandy skies.

    And I said, Hey! Everything will be okay – you gave your life for the people and we’ll never betray.

    Cause we’re alive, so wipe the tears from your eyes – you’re living proof that heaven is a place we can find.


    Then old man Joey got a look in his eye; the kind of face you’ll remember at night.

    He walked on over and he sat next to me, and said son you’re born with freedom but you fight to be free.

    And now he’s gone but in memory stays… the kind of feeling that you take to the grave.

    Old man Joey was a hell of a guy – he had all the happiness that money can’t buy.



  • 03:25 Story Lyrics For the Good Folk

    © 2017, Campbell Harrison


    Patty’s leaving her childhood home, she got her red dress packed and her bag for the road.

    She don’t know where she’s going, but knows she’ll start a life out there.

    Her friend Tina is a digger of gold, she married clean cut Jimmy and they’re rollin’ in dough.

    But, little Patty’d rather sleep in the cold, she got seeds to sow.



    I said hey, you’re right, cause good things happen when you free your mind.

    Feels good, sounds nice, don’t ever regret, don’t even think twice.


    Patty’s workin’ at the corner store trying to make that money workin’ seven to four.

    She sold everything but her bones, but she’s doing just fine.

    Met Patty at the Stop ‘N Go and she told her story and she told it in full.

    I sat there and tried to console and this is what I said.




    I said hey, you’re right, cause good things happen when you free your mind.

    Feels good, sounds nice, don’t ever regret, don’t even think twice.


    I said hey, that’s fine, cause the flower that blooms gonna take its time.

    Your heart, it might, stand tall in the face of the dying light.

  • 03:24 Story Lyrics Dreamer in a Bottle

    © 2016, Campbell Harrison


    Little dreamer in a bottle, three wishes this time you’ll grant for me.

    You know this world is getting’ smaller –

    It ain't small enough if there’s room for three.

    I wanna’ disappear inside your lamp, my dear.

    And call upon the vices of all your magic here.

    Yeah baby this world is cruel, and baby I’m just a fool…

    Astride the magic carpet inside your vestibule.



    And I said… Oh!

    And I said… Hey!

    And I said – come my way.

    And I said… Oh!

    And I said… Aye!

    And I said – do what feels right.



    I wanna’ disappear inside your lamp, my dear.

    And call upon the vices of all your magic here.

    Yeah, this world is cruel, and baby I’m just a fool…

    Astride the magic carpet inside your vestibule.



  • 04:05 Story Lyrics Aunt Mary

    © 2016 Campbell Harrison


    My thoughts are begging me refrain and all the street signs are reading my last name

    My pride is playing a chess game

    Oh how oh no oh why, you beg forgiveness for taking your neighbor’s life

    Who cares, the martyr still cries



    Oh Aunt Mary knows, you never harvest until all the seeds grow

    Oh, I’m stuck in slow-mo

    Oh Aunt Mary shows, a sweet surrender whenever she gets cold

    Oh, my spirit’s on hold


    My blood is trying to reclaim the sinful sadness for lack of a new name

    My heart is beating in forte

    Oh how oh no oh why, you scrap the record for lack of a reprise

    Who cares, the preacher still lies



  • 03:58 Story Lyrics Another Road Song

    © 2017, Campbell Harrison


    Misspoke sellin’ lies, got the key to the door, but I’m standing outside.

    Man-oh-man tell me where do I go, found a woman in Denver, I lost her by Reno…


    But this feeling that I get won’t let me be… won’t set me free


    Been stuck in this bed for weeks, gotta roll on over, gotta turn a new leaf

    Cannon fire inside my head, went to pick up the pieces, there’s a lot of men dead…



    But this feeling that I get won’t let me be… won’t help me see


    Met myself just an hour ago, felt like fire grass daisy – the whispering willow…

    But the childhood died right where I stand, got the heart of a lion, the blood of a new man…



    This feeling that I get won’t let me be…         Won’t let me be….      Won’t let me be…

    Won’t let me be…


    Baby, baby, won’t you come when I call, cause I’m stuck in forever, with nobody at all….

  • 03:23 Story Lyrics All Fall Down

      © 2016 Campbell Harrison


    Loveless, all fall down at the lovely face

    Burdened, shackled down to a smaller space

    I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, you never really cared

    Welcome, join the race, we got room to stay



    Come on baby what’ll ya do?

    We all fall down, but all come through

    Left hand, right hand, what’ll ya choose?

    One’s for the scenery, one’s for the booze


    Come on babe, won’t ya tell me the truth?

    The salty spirit inside of you

    The fatal reason for cradle abuse

    That’s for the living, so what’s left for you?


    Guiltless, all around, their lack of taste

    Burdened, shackled down – they lost their way

    I want, I know, I go, I try, I hope to fill the space

    Sunken, in hallowed ground – a good man’s fate



  • 04:09 Story Lyrics Let It Out

    © 2015, Campbell Harrison


    How, how long…

    must you stay there, on your own?

    And how, how long…

    will you build those mountains of bottles ‘stead of movin’ on?



    Cause the sun gonna spit out a new day, and the night put to bed the last…


    And how, how long…

    Will you let the moss grow, on your stone.

    And how, how far gone…

    Is a dreaming man who wakes up to find his dream is gone?



    Cause the sun gonna spit out a new day, and the night put to bed the past,

    if you let it out…


    And how, how strong…

    Do you make yourself appear though your strength is gone?

    So rage, rage, rage at morning sun…

    Cause the cradle that you rock is gonna roll till the rolling’s done.



  • 03:01 Story Lyrics Song to Sing

    © 2016, Campbell Harrison


    When. it. Gets. so. Dark. You see the flicker of a burning heart, and shooting stars besides.

    And if - you - take - my - hand. Baby where will we land? Maybe space, maybe Hollywood if we can.

    And I can’t help but sing along, because nature is my favorite song, and it goes on and on and on,

    and it goes…



    The sun is shining the birds all sing, a crown of flowers to make me king.

    This fickle heart of mine won’t let me be.                               

    Well I can’t stand losing but just can’t win, a happy silence is greater than,

    The neon sulfur fragrance of our sin.


    So I said, hey little lady won’t you come my way, won’t you give me something to dull the pain.

    This tender skin of mine ain’t got no shade.

    Well I can’t get over and I can’t get in, but a makeshift garment is greater than,

    the burlap coat that cloaks me now and then.



  • 05:16 Story Lyrics My Time Coming

    © 2015, Campbell Harrison


    All we got is time, never seen a skill never written a line but,

    I’m starting to ask myself why.

    They tell you that thought is crime, ever clever man sittin,’ spittin’ his rhymes but,

    he just needs a paper to sign.  To sign, oh...



    Cause my time is coming and I’m never gonna give it away.

    Cause the world she trembles at the verdicts that they etch on the page.

    You feel your focus slippin’ as the night that hides you melts into day.

    You got to roll back, roll back, to that comfortable platonic cave.


    All we lost is mind, never feel the thought of a thinker sublime but,

    I’m thinking it’s my turn to try.

    The cannibal culture signs, eating money, steak and political wine but,

    I don’t wanna taste it I’m fine.  I'm fine, ohhhhh...




    All that’s left is lines, standin’ in a place of the stifling kind,

    waiting to pay all of their fines.

    You make for a restless blind, feeling for the shapes that will never arise but,

    your sight is the sharpest I’ll find.



After his critically acclaimed EP, Behind Glass, dropped in December of 2015, Campbell honed his craft with the guidance of Folk-rock legend Caroline Aiken and built a stable of impressive new songs. With "Dreamer in a Bottle," he departed from the polished sound of his debut EP with a stripped-down, airy and often haunting, successor. Ranging from Americana and Contemporary R&B to straight up Blues and Rock, the album showcases Harrison’s distinctive voice and guitar work; reaffirming his reputation as a fresh new artist, unbound by a conventional genre. Recorded at the Dragon’s Den (Dragonsong Productions) in Tucker, Ga, Ben Hernandez produced the album with vintage ribbon mics used by Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris to match Campbell’s breathy vocal style and earthy guitar work.