Campbell Harrison




Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Ben "Buddha" Hernandez - bass, electric guitar

Richie Jones - drums & percussion

Paul "Pauly Stax" Nassar - keys


© 2016, Campbell Harrison


Life ain’t all the things I thought it’d be.

Flowing backwards from eternity.

But my heart is bursting with a melody.

So I sing this song and hope you’ll follow me - you’ll follow me.


Sweet Evila won’t you sing for me.                                                             

You’re the chief provider of my energy

But your eyes are cloudy with the will to see

Yet your heart provides the light of life I breathe - light of life I breath.



 I said hey now, I’m looking for love but it ain’t yet found

And I feel you shakin’ the ground, shakin’ the ground

I said hey now, you’re looking up though your mind is down and

I hear you, but you’re makin’ no sound - makin’ no sound


 Hey Evila what do you believe?

You’re the lidless eye of all eternity.

And your gaze is falling on the mother tree.

With the branches heavy with humanity…




Dear Evila what’s your fantasy?                                                    

You’re the sand of time beguiled by revelry

And your falling water will abide the tree

But we’re all just drowning in the canopy, in our canopy