Campbell Harrison



All Fall Down

Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Ben "Buddha" Hernandez - bass

Richie Jones - drums


  © 2016 Campbell Harrison


Loveless, all fall down at the lovely face

Burdened, shackled down to a smaller space

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, you never really cared

Welcome, join the race, we got room to stay



Come on baby what’ll ya do?

We all fall down, but all come through

Left hand, right hand, what’ll ya choose?

One’s for the scenery, one’s for the booze


Come on babe, won’t ya tell me the truth?

The salty spirit inside of you

The fatal reason for cradle abuse

That’s for the living, so what’s left for you?


Guiltless, all around, their lack of taste

Burdened, shackled down – they lost their way

I want, I know, I go, I try, I hope to fill the space

Sunken, in hallowed ground – a good man’s fate