Campbell Harrison



Another Road Song

Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Ben "Buddha" Hernandez - bass

Richie Jones - drums & percussion

Paul "Pauly Stax" Nassar - synth


© 2017, Campbell Harrison


Misspoke sellin’ lies, got the key to the door, but I’m standing outside.

Man-oh-man tell me where do I go, found a woman in Denver, I lost her by Reno…


But this feeling that I get won’t let me be… won’t set me free


Been stuck in this bed for weeks, gotta roll on over, gotta turn a new leaf

Cannon fire inside my head, went to pick up the pieces, there’s a lot of men dead…



But this feeling that I get won’t let me be… won’t help me see


Met myself just an hour ago, felt like fire grass daisy – the whispering willow…

But the childhood died right where I stand, got the heart of a lion, the blood of a new man…



This feeling that I get won’t let me be…         Won’t let me be….      Won’t let me be…

Won’t let me be…


Baby, baby, won’t you come when I call, cause I’m stuck in forever, with nobody at all….