Campbell Harrison




Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - acoustic guitar & vocals

Devin Harris - electric guitar

Jamie Hood - keys

Michael Hurwitz - bass

Brandon Williams - drums



© 2015 Campbell Harrison

Cobbled steps, sunlight kisses her face… and it makes her feel good.
I wanna catch her but it isn’t the time or the place… but you better know I would.
Cause she’s one of a kind, oh holy-roller, but I never pin her down, no I only wanna hold her.
Storybook temptress, with fire in her eyes…. And for her I burn,
Yeah, for her you know I burn…

Cause she’s a dancer, she’s a singer and the way she moves her hips she is a keeper
You can’t block her, you can’t stop her, but if you let her come inside,
If you let her come inside… you’ll be a goner.

A bag of diamonds the envy of Bonnie and Clyde won’t turn her head
The thing she wants is bigger but lighter instead, she’s worlds ahead.
And she’s one of a kind, oh a rebel stoner, but I never lift her up cause she doesn’t want a donor.
Angel from a movie with demons all around, trying to steal her crown,
Yeah, they’ll never get her down.


A thousand tears, the wake of her track on Earth, won’t change her mind.
She built a stonewall fortress, the giver of joy and mirth, hers to define
And she’s a one of a kind, oh the great beholder but she’ll never speak her mind,
just remember what you told her.
She’s in high demand, in high demand…


… you’ll be a goner… you’ll be a goner