Campbell Harrison



Long Minute

Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - rhythm guitar & vocals

Devin Harris - lead guitar

Jamie Hood - organ

Michael Hurwitz - bass

Brandon Williams - drums


Long Minute

© 2015 Campbell Harrison


The ghost of Bob Jones is no matter, he’s just a man of 6 foot 4,
The cool breeze of dear Louise, it grows blacker, you catch her rain all on your floor.
It’s getting’ hot in Georgia and you have ta’ find some shade or lose your soul.
For 20 years and cold beers, the hard saddle, seems much softer then you thought.

But, when you finally ask yourself which road to take, bed to make,
When you finally ask for help, it’s way too long of a minute, yeah…

That muscle shirt you wear to work, it grows ragged,
wipe the dust out of your mouth.
The 2 cents you paid for rent, it gets back to, what it’s worth to think about.
The empty cup of rotten luck, it gets back to,
Lack of time to shut your mouth.