Campbell Harrison



My Time Coming

Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - vocals, acoustic & electric guitar

Ben "Buddha" Hernandez - bass, lead guitar

Steven Martin - drums

Paul "Pauly Stax" Nassar - organ


© 2015, Campbell Harrison


All we got is time, never seen a skill never written a line but,

I’m starting to ask myself why.

They tell you that thought is crime, ever clever man sittin,’ spittin’ his rhymes but,

he just needs a paper to sign.  To sign, oh...



Cause my time is coming and I’m never gonna give it away.

Cause the world she trembles at the verdicts that they etch on the page.

You feel your focus slippin’ as the night that hides you melts into day.

You got to roll back, roll back, to that comfortable platonic cave.


All we lost is mind, never feel the thought of a thinker sublime but,

I’m thinking it’s my turn to try.

The cannibal culture signs, eating money, steak and political wine but,

I don’t wanna taste it I’m fine.  I'm fine, ohhhhh...




All that’s left is lines, standin’ in a place of the stifling kind,

waiting to pay all of their fines.

You make for a restless blind, feeling for the shapes that will never arise but,

your sight is the sharpest I’ll find.