Campbell Harrison



Old Joey

Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - vocals, acoustic guitar

Heather Gillis - slide guitar

Ben "Buddha" Hernandez - bass

Richie Jones - drums & percussion


© 2016, Campbell Harrison


Soggy teenage travelin’ band (with their) beat up Chevy at a roadside stand.

Old man Joey was as nice as can be (he was a) bomber in the army back in ‘43.

(he said)

Welcome boys, tell me what can I do, I ain’t got much, but I’ll sell it to you.

(and I said)


Thank you mister but I haven’t a dime

(you know I)

spent my money on Georgia moonshine.

It ain’t a problem, let me cut ya a deal. Play me a song and I’ll fix ya a meal.


Old man Joey was a hell of a guy

(he lost his)

only family in the Normandy skies.



I sang a tune, on old wolf howling in June, little boy blue jumpin’ over the moon.

 (It made him) cry, watch the tears fall from his eyes like the bombs that were fallin’ over Normandy skies.

And I said, Hey! Everything will be okay – you gave your life for the people and we’ll never betray.

Cause we’re alive, so wipe the tears from your eyes – you’re living proof that heaven is a place we can find.


Then old man Joey got a look in his eye; the kind of face you’ll remember at night.

He walked on over and he sat next to me, and said son you’re born with freedom but you fight to be free.

And now he’s gone but in memory stays… the kind of feeling that you take to the grave.

Old man Joey was a hell of a guy – he had all the happiness that money can’t buy.