Campbell Harrison



So Long

Campbell Harrison


Campbell Harrison - vocals & acoustic guitar

Richie Jones - percussion

Paul "Pauly Stax" Nassar - synth


© 2016, Campbell Harrison


For so long, I’ve been standin’ in your fire

Time is gone, Cobwebs buildin’ ever higher

And you’re tired of playin’, Harvest Moon is waning down, down, down.

But for once in a while, your charm and your smile will win them over.

(And I said)



I’m strung out on a wire,       

I … I…… Look what you done to me.


For so long, You’ve been movin’ to the rhythm

Faith is gone, No one’s watchin’ while you shiver

But you put on a smile, but you’re still scrubbin’ tiles of your fathers.


For so long, You’ve been sinkin’ in the pages.

Mind is gone, Scattered sheets not entertaining.

And you thought you’d prepare, cause the feelings you share, won’t do us justice.

(And I said)