Campbell Harrison



Song to Sing

Campbell Harrison
Campbell Harrison


Song to Sing

© 2016, Campbell Harrison


When. it. Gets. so. Dark. You see the flicker of a burning heart, and shooting stars besides.

And if - you - take - my - hand. Baby where will we land? Maybe space, maybe Hollywood if we can.

And I can’t help but sing along, because nature is my favorite song, and it goes on and on and on,

and it goes…


The sun is shining the birds all sing, a crown of flowers to make me king.

This fickle heart of mine won’t let me be.                               

Well I can’t stand losing but just can’t win, a happy silence is greater than,

The neon sulfur fragrance of our sin.


So I said, hey little lady won’t you come my way, won’t you give me something to dull the pain.

This tender skin of mine ain’t got no shade.

Well I can’t get over and I can’t get in, but a makeshift garment is greater than,

the burlap coat that cloaks me now and then.